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Contemporary dance company

In February 2020, returning from a trip to New Zealand and Australia, Eloïse PELAIA has a revelation: to create a dance company whose goal will be to share her artistic universe through her lived experiences.


Following the period of health crisis linked to Covid-19, it took a year for Cie EP to see the light of day. It was then in the spring of 2021 that Eloïse PELAIA began the process of creating her first project called "The Uman Wheel", as artistic director, choreographer and dancer/performer.


Always in search of new cultures discoveries, aiming to transmit her messages through movement, which according to her is a universal language.


Interested in all forms of artistic subject (music, painting, Japanese anime, martial arts, circus…), the goal of the company is to mix universes to make it its own; including aerial dance in the show “The Uman Wheel”.

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