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Artistic Director | Choreographer | Dancer

In parallel with my training at MCD de Villeneuve-Loubet as a classical, jazz and contemporary dancer, in 2013 I obtained a BTS in Landscaping at the LEGTAH of Antibes.

Convinced that my path should continue to be towards the dance, I was admited at the ESDC Rosella HIGHTOWER in Cannes to obtain the State Diploma of Classical Dance Teacher in 2016, graduating as top of the class.


I began my professional career as a dance teacher in several schools in the Alpes-Maritimes, in particular with Cathy VERGNE, director of the JAZZ UP DANSE CREATION school in Mougins.


Wishing to be on the stage and reach out the public, I joined professional companies performing in particular internationally, while continuing to enrich myself through internships and regular training in Paris.


Passionate about travels, I often leave my country in order to new cultural discoveries, enriching my artistic universe. It was then when I returned from one of my trips that I decided to set up my Company with the project “The Uman Wheel”.


Assistant | Choreographer

After training in many Parisian studios in classical, jazz and hip hop, I obtained my State Diploma as a Jazz dance teacher in June 1998 at IPAC (Paris XVIII).


I joined Junior Almeida's professional dance company "Boogies Lockers – Dansesaveur" in 1999.


Dance teacher in various private and associative structures, appointed as head of the dance department at the Sevran conservatory from 1999 to 2008, I decided to come and settle in the Alpes-Maritimes in July 2008.


I created my dance school JAZZ UP DANSE CREATION in 2011 in Mougins.

After several years of training as teacher, I have decided to train amateur dancers and create my own company "La Compagnie Indépendance" and put on a choreographic piece for a stage in Paris in January 2020.

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Kerian MAYAN

Dancer | aerial artist

Passionate about art and science, I validate a degree in mathematics while continuing my training as a dancer performer. This encourages me to explore my abilities, develop my creativity and assert my personality.


From jazz to contemporary through classical, hip hop, circus and cinema, I love to combine different arts and styles creating a beautiful mix, I am ease on stage as well as in front of the camera.


In 2018, I qualified for the World Championship Of Performing Arts in Los Angeles : Olympic Games of the Performing Arts in order to confront myself with the best, obtaining the first prize and a title of world champion in dance.


Back in France, grown up and more confident, I joined several cabarets. Quickly, I was responsible for choreographing numbers and supervising rehearsals.


In the interest of perpetual learning, I continue to take courses abroad and multiply artistic exchanges.



Jazz dancer from a very young age, I quickly bring an acrobatic dimension to my art by leaning towards gymnastics, which I practiced for more than 10 years at a high level.

I am also diversifying through classical and contemporary dance as well as ragga.


Passionate about the human body, I turned to osteopathy studies where I obtained my Diploma in 2019. Subsequently joining the Health Pole team of the ESDC Rosella HIGHTOWER.

I now practice in my own office in the Alpes-Maritimes.


Continuing the path of the stage, I joined Cathy VERGNE's Compagnie Indépendance in 2020, participating in choreographic encounters, particularly in Paris.


In 2021, working for a resumption of role within "La Roue Humaine", I become a permanent dancer of the Cie EP

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In 2016, in parallel with my career in the arts, I became a dancer / performer in a professional dance company performing internationally.


Both multidisciplinary trainings and travels around the globe combined with stage experience allowed me develop my artistic sense. Dance isn't my only passion, but creation, human relations, the show as well as a whole.


To satisfy my desire for learning and personal development, I went to the United States for several months to take contemporary, jazz, hybrid and hip-hop dance classes.


Since then, my professional experience has continued to grow. Lending myself to the game of musicals and the Disney repertoire, to the scenes of artists from the 80s and to the feathers of the cabaret, I was able to acquire the ease of adapting to the demand, and able to create my own choreographies.

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